"It looks good," said director Joss Whedon to Hiddleston, "but it doesn’t look like he’s hitting you very hard."

"Well he’s not," replied Hiddleston. So he turned to Hemsworth. "Let’s just go for it."

"You sure?" asked Hemsworth.

"Yeah, it’s fine," Hiddleston assured him. "Just hit me on this take."

So Hemsworth did, pile-driving into Hiddleston’s chest, pummelling him out of frame. Hemsworth quickly turned to the camera operator.

"You saw him ask me to do it, mate!" he cried, as Hiddleston lay on the floor, chuckling. "You all saw it!" Hemsworth appealed to the crew. "He told me to hit him!"

- Empire magazine, reporting on Thor and Loki’s fight scene (via hiddeninthewater)

Chris’s reaction is one of a man with brothers, who had to explain to their Mom why he’d hit one of them.

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